Origin Story

 It must have been fate. Cody got his first K10 one month before meeting Paige. This was a fortunate move as he had previously been driving a PT Cruiser and that would have been an automatic deal breaker. Many of their adventures early in their relationship centered around "Old Yeller" whether it was hiking, camping at the Oregon Coast, or pulling college kids on a couch behind them in the snow. This truck always illustrated one thing to Paige and Cody- fun times together. 

With the truck being a bright yellow, which was the rival color of their alma mater, Paige appropriately got a large sticker that read “I am Orange” for the back windshield to let all know where their allegiances truly lied.  Cody being a tinker at heart always had big aspirations to fix up his K10 into the K20 truck of his dreams. Many steps in that frame up evolution took place in Paige and Cody’s  drafty, dingy, single car garage of their 848 square foot house, including turning “Old Yeller” into a gun metal gray. 

During the GMC’s restoration, another big event took place, their wedding. Of course the occasion called for the separate restoration of a C30 to become the mobile bar for their wedding that Paige drove down to the altar. Ironically, they purchased the cheapest seat cover they could find which put more strain on their relationship than anything up to that point, but they did finally get that cover on. 

The cheap cover made it through the wedding, but that was it. Paige & Cody knew there had to be a better option. 

After the wedding, Cody stumbled upon a rare find, a pair of buddy bucket seats! While they appeared to have been shredded in some places, shards of broken glass in others, and no one wants to know exactly what the red stain came from, they were still more attractive than the old van seats currently occupying his GMC. Aside from the broken glass, the seats had some other quirks, including the passenger seat that was positioned forward of the driver's seat. Cody dreamed of cleaner seats and a few upgrades such as heated seats. 

Life brought Paige and Cody back home to Eastern Oregon where they found out they were pregnant with their first son. They were elated to be growing their family. Unfortunately that elation was temporarily dampened when Paige almost lost her life during the birth of their son. Fortunately everyone was able to fully recover. This put some things into perspective for their small family. Paige got their old 1940’s Singer 111W up and running and reupholstered those buddy bucket seats to Cody’s dream specifications including being made of the toughest canvas on the market and pops of subtle orange throughout. 

Cody added some creature comforts, like those heated backs, all with the goal to make the truck more comfortable and enjoyable. Their recent tragedy reminded them of what the truck  meant to them, fun times together. Now Paige continues to make custom buddy bucket seats with the hope that you can make new memories in more comfort and enjoy time together with those you hold dear.

 old YellerWedding in front of bar truckCody's K20/C10

Our mission:

A portion of our profits go towards supporting newborn and maternal welfare in rural areas. We are committed to helping the next generation enjoy family time together in a classic ride.

mama Paige and her baby

Meet the rest of the team:

Teddy and Gracie are lovingly referred to as the quality control team. Always ready for an adventure and always ready to make a mess.